Residential Weed Removal Marietta

In our lawns, yards or home gardens, weeds demand a great portion of our time and effort to cultivate a beautiful home environment. Ever since humans began planting and cultivating plants, weeds have been a problem. A weed is any plant in the wrong place. Weeds take valuable space, water, sunlight and nutrients that may otherwise be accessible to other flora in your garden or yard.

Weeds also provide cover for diseases, insects and other pests like rodents, snakes, etc. Garden weeds are hard to control because they grow rapidly, produce vast numbers of seeds, and spread aggressively by vegetative structures and/or seeds.

Weed Removal in Marietta

Weed Removal in Flowerbeds

Weeds in flowerbeds should be spot sprayed with herbicide for immediate results. The herbicide should be made from glyphosate that will only harm the unwanted weeds. These herbicides are commonly found in home improvement retailers and are environmentally-friendly. Due to the rapid absorption through plant leaves, there will be no run-off into nearby water sources.

Use mulch with pine straw to control the growth of new weeds and give your flowerbeds a more polished appearance. Pine straw mulch aids in the retention of moisture for flowering annuals during the hot summer months.

Weed Removal in the Lawn

The most common weeds to wreck havoc on Georgia’s lawns are broad leaf and crabgrass. Both can be eliminated with annual applications of herbicides available in granular or liquid form.

The Turf Team at the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences state that it’s essential lawn care treatment is performed before the high heat of summer season begins.

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